Landsbyprojekt i Tamil Nadu nær Trankebar

Programet er for skolesøgende børn udvalgt fra meget fattige familier. 

Børnene får skoleuniform, skoletaske, skolematerialer, skolepenge. Der bliver også arrangeret hjælpeklasser for børnene (nødvendigt da mange af forældrene er analfabeter og kan derfor ikke hjælpe børnene med lektier. Der er ikke altid lys i hjemmene).

Hjælpeklasserne starter kl. 17 og slutter kl. 20. Hver hjælpeklasse har en lærer, som hjælper børnene med deres lektier. Børnene bliver opmuntret til gruppestudier. Børneparlamentet for hver hjælpeklasse har møde hver måned.

Læreren i hjælpeklasen går på regelmæssige besøg i den offentlige skole, så han får information om barnets indsats i skolen. Børnene samles hver måned og de får nødvendige skolematerialer etc.

Samtidig bliver de opmuntret til at passe deres skolegang og drage nytte af hjælpen. Der bliver arrangeret sportskonkurrencer hvert år.

Det koster 75 kr. om måneden at hjælpe et barn i Valar.


In this write-up, I would like to share with you the very grave and grim situation we are facing in India.  While the corona virus infections are increasing alarmingly and India is topping among all world countries in daily infection and death numbers.

            Last March 2020, the covid-19 infection was identified and ever since then for almost one year the life of people in general and children in particular disrupted to a painful degree of no return.  Our children, who are inside orphanage and handicapped home as well as children at home with very poor families, continue to experience tremendous pressure in social emotional and educational spheres.

(a) The Medical Situation:

            Medically the situation in India is tragic which nobody has witnessed so far in our life.  People are struggling for life waiting in ambulances, in long queues due to the fact that there are no beds available in the hospitals.  In the hospital itself there is shortage of oxygen, shortage of ventilators, shortage of medicines and so people are dying due to these above reasons.  Added to these situations are frequent fire accidents in hospitals also caused death.  Sale of beds, medicines and oxygen cylinders in black market has become the norm of the day and this deprives the poor people to access medical care in emergency.  People are queuing-up in the pharmacies and oxygen filling centres while their relatives and loved ones are choking for life.  In the hospital, it is indeed a horrible site to witness.  Even in crematorium dead bodies have to wait in long queues for their turn for cremation and there is no dignity of the dead.

(b)Social Situation:

            Socially people especially the children are fully deprived of their movements and social exploration of relationships.  Even the peer group activities are restricted to a large extent.  No festivities, no theatres no common play, no picnic and no outdoor activities make the children to a degree of tremendous social deprivation and mental agony.

(c)Children’s Psychological Situation:

            Emotionally the children experience tremendous pressure and not able to understand why such thing should happen to them.  No family gathering, no marriage functions, no temple visits and this is really having a bad impact on the children’s emotions.  The children are whole time under the watch of the parents and in our case wardens make it very difficult for them to express themselves freely.

(d)Children’s Educational Situation:

            Children lost almost one and half years of learning and many of them feel that it will be very difficult to revive their learning skills as well as memory skills.  Though the government has announced universal pass the children are slowly losing their reasoning skill, memorising capacity, learning capacity as well as skill acquiring capabilities.

(e)Economical Situation:

            Economically it is a disaster for poor and marginal families.  Lot of people lost their employment and families that depend on small business also are closed down due to the covid-19 lockdown.  People totally lost their livelihoods and at present their focus is on saving their own lives.  No work, no income and no money to buy the basic needs such as food clothing etc.

(f)The New FCRA Regulation:

            Added to this pandemic pain, the government’s new FCRA regulation which made it impossible for many NGOs to complete the process and access the donation.  The people need help in this time of cruel pandemic but government made it impossible to get donations and support to these people.

(g)Our Situation:

            We in spite of all these tragic, pulled all our resources and reaching out to children with covid-19 relief.  We hope to send some photos soon.

            Once again I take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for your understanding.

Yours Fraternally in Christ,

Dr. I. Sebastian,Executive Director,